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  •  Don't even consider it (none)
    If the Dems got all riled up and dumped Baucus in the primary (which they won't) then we might as well concede the seat.  Baucus has always lined up with the Repubs b/c he wants to get re-elected.  It is Montana folks, its not Vermont.  We may have some Dems in office, but they are not liberals.  If you want that seat to be a Dem, keep Baucus, and work on ways to avoid situations were he has to make these kind of decisions (Read, get a Dem elected president.)

    Montana - A great State, and a great state of mind.

    by bigsky92 on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 07:19:03 PM PDT

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    •  Exactly (none)
      The party cannot afford to go frothing crazy when a Dem from Montana says he'll vote for Roberts. And anyone who's lived in Montana should know how laughable the idea is of running someone against him in a primary. He wouldn't need to spend a dollar and he'd easily win that one.

      Yes, Montana has had a revival of the party at state level, and thank God for that. That doesn't mean that it's now a bastion of liberalism where centrist Democrats can get Club-for-Growthed to submission. On the national level, Montana is going to continue to be fairly conservative, and there's really nothing we can do about it except be glad that the most entrenched guy in politics there has a D next to his name.

      And please, if you don't vote in Montana, don't call Baucus's office. He has no reason to care what someone in New York or Texas or wherever thinks about his job.

      Mark my words, Dems from significantly bluer states will be voting for Roberts.

      •  Couldn't (none)
        have said it better myself.  A lot of Mont Dems would be Repubs in a more liberal state.  But at least they are Dems, and on most issues vote correctly.

        Montana - A great State, and a great state of mind.

        by bigsky92 on Tue Sep 20, 2005 at 08:25:55 PM PDT

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