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  •  Another unblievable post by Armando (2.85)
    Another unblievable post by Armando.

    And by that I mean terrible. Armando is the leader of the liberal "Freeper" movement. And that's no compliment.

    I can't stand liberals who act like neocons. This "either you're with us or against us"? mentality is disgusting whether it is being displayed by conservatives OR liberals.

    And besides the obvious enocon behavior, I'll also address the Roberts nomination.

    You can ALWAYS find reasons to vote against a nominee. Bush was elected President, do you think he is going to nominate a liberal?

    I don't like many of the things I've heard about his views, but he is well qualified. And no, I do not want to get into your loony rationalizations you have for leading a filibuster charge. It's ridiculous.

    Get a freaking grip.

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