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  •  My letter to Baucus. (by a fictional character) (none)

    My name is Fred. Recently I've become very interested in national politics, having just learned what Republicans and Democrats stand for, but I've come upon a snag in my adventures on the political internet. You see, I haven't been able to find out if one of my senators, Max Baucus, is a Democrat or Republican. Is he a mix? I heard there are mixes.

    I decided to look into things a bit further. I found out that Max voted for Republican initiatives just as much as he voted for Democratic ones. For instance, he voted for every major Republican offensive since President Bush took office:

        * Energy Bill: Yea
        * Bankruptcy Bill: Yea
        * Medicare Bill: Yea
        * War Vote: Yea
        * 2001 Tax Cuts: Yea

    And then today, I saw that Max said he was voting for John Roberts to become Supreme Court nominee. But he didn't just say how he was voting. He almost imploded with glee and child-like excitement about what a great nominee the president selected, and implied that those who opposed Mr. Roberts, which I think were Democrats, were mean and bad.

    In fact, Max likes to praise Republicans on a neatly predictable monthly basis. But I also heard that he voted to make Harry Reid, the Demoratic senate man, his leader. Does that mean he wants to be a Democrat some day, or does it mean he actually is one? Because that would be funny.

    So you see, I'm having a really hard time making up my mind about which one he is, just looking at Max's record. I'd really appreciate an answer if you have one, because I mean, jeez, does Max even know?


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