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  •  Baucus is a Rove Republican (1.50)
    On what substantial issue has he voted against the Republicans in the past five years? Republicans hang together most of the time, and they've done pretty well holding on to power over the past 25 years. Four Presidents. Twelve Congresses. Would it kill Democrats to show some unity once in a while?
    •  Hardly (none)
      Baucus has been a very outspoken opponent of the GOP plan to eliminate Social Security, and he was on our side in the nuclear option fight, just to name a couple.
    •  maybe (none)
      It WOULD be nice to see all Democrats thinking and voting the same way every time, but that isn't going to happen. Republicans have chosen to ignore a lot of the political realities in their home districts. When Dems can make use of that it will cost them dearly.

      It seems that everyone on here would love to see a progressive dem in every seat, but it simply can't happen that way, no matter how much we may want it to.

      And yes, I remember Baucus being against the Bush/Rove plan for Social Security, which hadn't come to a vote. Even though he voted for given the President authorization to go to war(not the same as voting for the war, to be conducted in any manner), I'm pretty sure he's not in favor of how that worked out, either.

      •  You know why he opposed Bush's SS plan? (none)
        Because progressives were all over his ass.

        He was for "negotiating" before he was against it.

        The SCOTUS is Extraordinary.

        by Armando on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 06:39:18 AM PDT

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        •  although.... (none)
          Not every Dem thinks that privatization in its basic form is that bad of an idea. I'm not for the Bush plan, but if someone considers themselves an investor-type, they probably should be able to handle their own cash themselves. On the other hand, the way the Republicans were planning to finance it wasn't going to work out, and I'm perfectly okay with that.

          And for a Senator from Montana, where Bush still has over 50% approval, there is no harm in at least looking at the plan the majority party is putting forth, even if you know full well you eventually won't vote for it. No real harm done, IMO. This community is so ready to lynch supposedly disloyal Democrats that sometimes we forget to look at the bigger picture.

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