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  •  Why all the tumult and shout? (none)
    Why are some breast beating and finger pointing...over who is a loyal Dem and who isn't. One of the hallmarks of the Democrat Party over years that I have been politically aware (55+) is that it allows a diversity of dissent. That's a good thing and has kept the Dems from seriously splitting into permanent offshoot political cults.

    Now I might change my tune if it were a matter of a vote on impeachment of George W Bush. I would consider a vote not to impeach to be back-stabbing. But the confirmation of Roberts doesn't even come close to that standard.

    •  Agreement all around (none)
      I am from Montana and Baucus has been my Senator for a long time.  This is not new behavior for him and I truely doubt their will ever be a day when he fits the dem mold, whatever that might be.  Anyway, he represents MT and I can almost guarantee that if a poll were held today, of just the informed Montanans, they would say yep on Roberts.  I personally would say nope, but I am not the average Montanese.  Sometimes I think all the yahoo Montana stuff float around DKos is a bit misguided:  Sure Montana is leaning towards blue, but Montana has always leaned towards blue. MT has always gone back and forth between the parties- does anyone remember Mansfield or Williams?  The point is, what is happening in MT is not new, but rather characteristic of a moderate, always has been populist state.  Baucus is no different: sure he is a politico but that only means he is beholden to the people he represents and their sentiment.

      What would Jesus Do?

      by linc on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 09:40:23 AM PDT

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