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  •  Response and mea culpa (4.00)
    I remember reading a lot of anger here about an interview he did w/Air America and remarks he made on social issues. I thought I had heard that he was anti-abortion, but apparently that's his running mate. So I apologize for not doing more research.

    As for gun control, thank you for your tutorial but I know why a lot of people oppose gun control. It's one of the reasons I also tend to oppose a lot (not all of course) of gun control measures. My point is that I think his view on gun control is one of many that is to the right of a progressive Democratic voter and I think a lot of people get so wrapped up in the Montana Messiah mythos that they don't realize what he supports or does not support. I remember Clinton getting up on stage last year bragging about the assault weapons ban. I can't imagine how people would react if a major Democrat got up there and talked about how pointless the ban was.

    •  Thanks for the correction, JamesB3, (none)
      and I agree with you about the Montana Messiah thing (and I live here).  BUT I disagree with you that progressive Democratic Montana voters would normally take a different position from Schweitzer on gun control.  I mean, I support stricter gun control, but I'm from Massachusetts.  Long-term Montanans have a different take on guns, quite reasonably-- here, they're mainly used for hunting.  We don't really have big cities and people running about with assault weapons, much.

      I do think the definition of "progressive" has to take local/regional idiosyncrasies into account.  There is not one single progressive agenda which must be implemented across-the-board, but rather a progressive approach to policy-making which attempts to make ethical choices based on specific circumstances and realities.  I believe Gov. Schweitzer takes that approach, though I disagree, as you do, with some of his positions.

      •  But he is the Montana Messiah! (none)
        Schweitzer saved us from the incompetent clutches of Governor Judy Martz and her designated successor Bob Brown.  And he has begun to reverse the damge done to the state from the anti-christ, Governor Marc "ENRON lobbyist" Racicot.

        Governor Brian Schweitzer on seeking the presidency; "I'm not half that smart and I'm none too pretty."

        by Ed in Montana on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 08:37:08 PM PDT

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