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  •  Hump Day C&J (4.00)
    CHEERS to JD Fortune, new frontman for the band INXS. What a finale last night!  Unfortunately, no one else I was watching with agreed that he's a great choice, so... anyone wanna go see INXS with me when they tour next year?

    CHEERS and hopeful thoughts for medical science triumphing where the good old-fashioned way wasn't working. JEERS to roller-coaster rides.

    CHEERS to PastorDan's new venture, StreetProphets. Nice place you got there, PD!

    JEERS to hurricanes. JEERS that the water in the Gulf's so frickin warm that little storms turn into big scary ones... hey George, any idea who turned up the temperature in the Gulftub?

    JEERS that instead of playing in my two favorite places, I have to do Actual Work today. Must keep up appearances, you know.  Back to dispense mojo-dust later.

    Here is a song you'll probably be hearing on the next INXS song.  I give you "Pretty Vegas", by JD Fortune and Andrew Farriss:

    Fallin' asleep at the wheel again baby,
    You're driftin' over the line.
    You're hands are tied, but you're losin' grip quickly
    Fix me, can you read the sign...

    Thumbin' your way to Vegas, dirty
    Dreamin' of the other side...
    Save your tears and laughter because
    It doesn't matter what you find

    It ain't pretty
    After the show...
    It ain't pretty when the pretty leaves you
    With no place to go.

    So, if you think you need it,
    Here's the place to feed it...
    It ain't pretty.

    When, everything that you do is wrong,
    And you
    Feel like you can barely survive...
    When those around you
    Are crumblin' downwards
    Buried in the sunset of life.

    Thumbin' your way to Vegas, dirty
    And screamin' like a bitch from hell,

    Save your dreams
    Up your patience
    Doesn't matter what you sell...

    It ain't pretty
    After the show
    It ain't pretty when the pretty leaves you
    With no place to go...

    So, if you think you want it...
    Here's the place to get it,
    It ain't pretty

    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    It ain't pretty...

    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    Thumbin' your way to Vegas, dirty
    Dreamin' like you're out of control,
    Save your tears and laughter
    Because this is the ride...
    And this is the show...

    It ain't pretty
    After the show...
    It ain't pretty when the pretty leaves you
    With no place to go

    So, if you think you want it
    Just come in and get it

    It ain't pretty...

    When they say "we did the best we could", I believe them. That scares me.

    by brillig on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 06:49:29 AM PDT

    •  What are we going to do now? (4.00)
      Wait for a 'Who wants to be a new frontman for Nirvana'?

      JD did nail "What You Need"! Looking forward to their new tour.

    •  Gotta admit (4.00)
      JD did do an admirable job last night.  Although, I gotta tell you, when they came back from commercial last night, the lights were down and BAM they went into "don't change", I had a shiver on my neck.

      I've never seen such amazing performances on television as I have on Rockstar these past few weeks.

      Take the train down to Philly - I'll see 'em with you.

      "It's not like I never want to bite people...I just know it's wrong." Satchel Pooch

      by Mrs Pastor on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 11:23:57 AM PDT

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    •  This time (4.00)
      For my magical iPod, here are the lyrics for my favorite INXS song, This Time.

      I will believe you
      If you say it's true
      Girl you know I need you more than any
      Word spoken
      I've seen you before
      Turn and walk away
      You say you won't come back
      It's a game anyway

      We are hoping - yes we are praying
      This time will be the last time
      That we will fight like this

      We are always wanting
      Things we cannot find
      You know that we are always wasting

      You know I can forget
      We have fought before
      I've seen inside your heart
      And I know it's breaking

      I can hardly imagine INXS without Michael Hutchence, but I hope they pull it off and I'll be expecting great songs like the above.

      Their privileged existence of wealthy debauchery had not prepared them for the next few moments. Carnacki

      by sersan on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 12:58:52 PM PDT

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