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  •  It gets worse (4.00)
    For years and years and years, Filenes and Jordan Marsh had their flagship stores directly across the street from each other in downtown Boston. Now, both stores are owned by Macy's, and one will close.

    Mom is holding out hope that a Target or something similar will move into whichever store is closed, but it's still a loss of a downtown fixture of several decades. For Chicagoans, it's roughly the equivalent of Macy's buying both Fields and Carson Pririe Scott, and closing one of the two State Street stores.


    •  What sadness. (4.00)
      But dare I say it could have been worse?  Not too many years ago, the venerable Canadian dept. store Eaton's (where Toronto women could buy their Christian Dior frocks) was bought out by--ack!--Sears.  It's pretty weird to go to the Sears downtown and find fancy perfume and cosmetic counters.  But you can also get Craftsman's tools and Kenmore appliances.  

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      by SneakySnu on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 07:35:35 AM PDT

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    •  And just this year... (4.00)
      Seattle had our vernerable Bon Marche turn into Macy's. And the Frango's came from a chain from Seattle that closed down, Fredrick and Nelson. The Bon took over the name when F&N closed several years ago. However,I am happy to say we have infected much of the rest of the country with another Northwest chain, Nordstroms. Cheers.
      •  Some towns in Maine (4.00)
        are trying to combat this homogenization by passing ordinances against, for instance, chain restaurants.  York has already done it, and Ogunquit is considering it.  I personally find that having places all look alike, rather than upping my comfort level, just makes me not want to travel there.  

        As to Boston, the Downtown Crossing area of the former Filene's/Jordan Marsh (who had great animated Christmas windows) era has been eroding for years, as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Starbucks, Marshall's juggernaut keeps rolling. Not that I dislike those stores per se, I just don't want to see them outside of controlled, preferably suburban, shopping zones.  Now, which of the 2 Starbucks within a 2 minute walk shall I go to for my afternoon iced latte?  Can't wait till they finish that one right ON my block.

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        by kptlaurie on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 10:06:17 AM PDT

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      •  Seattle has much to answer for (4.00)
        for inflicting both Starbucks and Microsoft on the world...


        •  And don't forget.... (4.00)
          Boeing. Although if they pull another one of those tricks where they pit one city against another for a thousand jobs, we may tell them not to let the door hit their ass.

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