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  •  ... but I don't agree with summers (none)
    I'm 100% certain that for all the differences between genders -- inherent, and socialized -- there are no significant intellectual differences that translate to superiority in any subject.

    republicans would move heaven and earth to save a brain dead white woman, but let kids drown just for being born below the poverty line

    by danthrax on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 07:16:30 AM PDT

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    •  context of terminologies (4.00)
      or categories of discussion: several years ago, Time magazine popularized some heavy duty observations about "what is intelligence?"  If my memory serves--average white guys who tend, for the most part, to manage the USofA like to rate intelligence on the basis of ability in maths & in verbal skills.  Many other factors or features or skills are ignored.  Among them are an ability to get along with other people (social IQ), spatial/visual ability (perceptual IQ), ability to know & position your body in space/time (a sort of kinesiology IQ), and an ability to correlate location & time (orientation IQ).  Some of these are measurable, however the academic world does not value them--except in athletes & fundraisers.

      My observation is that a lot of useful time has been pissed away comparing math & verbal scores on standardized tests to determine how people will perform in college.  And even my list leaves out one of the most highly prized skills or abilities or "intelligences": that of composing & performing & appreciating music.  Ta-daaa.

      Various sub-categories of homo sapiens perform at such wildly different "levels" in all of these areas that to gender-specifically focus on two of them is inherently silly.  Finally, in my arrogant opinion, the most important form of intelligence is the ability to ADAPT.  bon chance

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