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  •  No less assault (none)
    If a person volunteers for it, that is something different I suppose. But chemical castration is no less assault by the state if it is done per force of law than physical castration. I would be interested in links to your references on the successful use of the technique, it's something that I am interested in and have never heard of a definitive study on the matter.
    •  it is no more invasive (none)
      than a depressed person taking anti-depressants, a menopausal woman taking hormones - in fact that is all it is - hormone therapy for men with too much testosterone. In order to make otherpeople safe it is a better choice than a straight jacket, the death penalty and any current method we now have. I will work on finding you the links.
      •  Except... (none)
        Except that if you want to stop taking pills you can just...stop taking them.

        Pills are not surgery.

        Galatians 6:9-And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

        by Haroshia on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 09:52:02 AM PDT

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        •  it is not surgury (none)
          it is injections. We dont let violent criminals walk out of prison before their term is up - some not at all, so why would we let them stop doing something that makes them less violent and keeps others safe? If you have a condition that makes you kill and/or rape then your choices are limited - you either take the medicine that reduces your violence or you sit in jail - most would actually prefer chemical castration but our fear/ignorance of it keeps us from implementing it.
          •  Either way, it is permanent (none)
            Antidepressants are not permanent. Although they can have permanent side effects.
            •  no it is not permanent either (none)
              reaearch folks.
              •  Sorry, my mistake (none)
                Although one of the other commenters did say he was interested in the issue and asked if you could help him find sources for research.

                Do you have any ideas of where we could start looking into the issue?

                •  yes (none)
                  google is a good start. I did not save my links but there was a lot of info from govts that have used it, as well as some people who were castrated physically. I will see if i can find specific ones for you.
                •  links (none)



                  here are a few - the last one being most interesting I think. I did a quick search. I have read on this many times before but couldn't find my previous links, they were of a Govt. (I think in Africa) that was using it successfully to stop violent and sexual offenders.

                  It just seems to me that this is an obvious rational resolution to a big problem and yet we are queasy to use it based on ignorance, fear and mythological ideas about male anatomy.

                  We also have other problems on this planet, such as global warming, with obvious solutions - such as ceasing oil consumption and start using alternative fuels, but again instead of implementing these solutions we drag our feet because we are immersed in ignorance and mythological ideas about our cars, our freedom, our culture.

                  We have solutions, getting people to accept them is the hard part.

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