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  •  Why give him any credit at all? (4.00)
    Lots of people give Bush credit he doesn't deserve because they assume the POTUS couldn't possibly be as crazy as Bush clearly is.

    Yes, Summers did specifically refer to "aptitude at the high levels." BUT. People only say stuff like that when they really think is "men are better than women at math." It's code. You take your offensive attitudes and repackage them into the worst thing you think you can get away with.

    "I don't hate black people -- just those awful gangsta rappers!" "I don't think women are stupid in math -- I just think there aren't as many women who are REALLY REALLY GOOD in math!"

    Any time there is a huge gender disparity in something we should take a look at that thing and where the disparity comes from -- and try to eliminate prejudices and artificial social barriers. We might eliminate all of that stuff and still find more men than women teaching math at ivy league schools. Or we might not. But Summer's comment, even if it were not sexist, is still a cop-out -- he's saying, "nothing to fix here -- the girls just don't wanna teach math!"

    So, it's sexist. And it's lazy.

    •  you and I are making the same point, (none)
      look at the comment flow.

      Q:"You've called Bush a loser." A:"And a liar." Q:"You apologized for the loser comment." A:"But never for the liar, have I?" - Rolling Stone with Harry Reid

      by alivingston on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 09:01:22 AM PDT

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    •  Is it da Vinci or Bible code? (none)
      BUT. People only say stuff like that when they really think is "men are better than women at math." It's code.

      Paranoia is treatable, you know. Although a recent study says the medications don't work as well as advertised...
    •  Gangsta (none)
      If I hate gangsta rappers that's code for I hate black people? Hm.

      So when I say I hate it when Geto Boys or some group busts a dope rhyme about rapin' and killin' some bitch, that's just code ... I'm really saying I don't want black people to talk about human rights, or anything at all for that matter, right? I hate all black singers, too I guess, right?

      The ability of some people to see racist intent in virtually any actions or words whatsoever... it's like seeing Jesus in a cheese sandwich. But the latter is funny and harmless, and the former is pernicious and destructive...

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