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    Reading this abstract was quite helpful.

    It points out that there's this huge pop culture focus on the differences between males and females, when really, the similarities might greatly outweigh the differences.  This isn't about saying that there are no genetic differences, just that the attention paid to the differences is disproportionate to the number and impact of those differences.  

    So if there's all these similarities, and yet the differences are what gets all the attention, AND the differences tend to end up with men winning out on those traits that are most valued by our society - well then, it seems like there's a particular agenda behind the undue focus paid to the differences.

    I've read comments that say that studies like these are lauded because they come up with the "PC answer" to these questions; however, shouldn't we give the same scrutiny to opposing studies?  Why are the "PC" studies considered to be more scientifically suspect than the studies that prop up the status quo?

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