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  •  Who Should Raise My Kids - Strangers or I? (none)
    There IS a choice to make.  As a mother, you cannot work fulltime and raise your child/children fulltime.  It's just a matter of time.  There is no way to do it possibly.  The choice is: work fulltime, send the child/children to day care or babysitter; stay home fulltime, raise the child/children instead of working; some combination of the two (part time day care, part time work, etc).

    A.  Well said.
    B.  There is a PRICE to pay.  So, either you pay the price (giving up career until the kids are 6 yo, or 16, or you decide; giving up expensive cars or foreign trips, etc. OR your child does (being raised without a mommy).  Somebody has to pay the price.
    C.  Who should raise the child - the parent or a stranger, errr...daycare worker, baby-sitter, neighbor, etc.

    In other words, who should give LOVE and VALUES to your child - you or a stranger, err..(did I say it again?)
    D.  Here is a big LIE - "quality" time.  B.S. There is no "quality" time, its "quantity" time. Its the time you spend with your kids.  Kids don't want you to be next to them 24/7, but they want to know you are next to them.  They might read a book or play with the toys in the next room, run around in the yard, BUT they want you to be there - for 5 seconds, 30 seconds, 5 min - when they drop in or want to be near you.


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