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    That is because things are never equal - not even on an hour to hour or day to day basis.
    They certainly can be equal enough.

    But even if not, you should be able to agree to the statement if intellectually honest: all things being equal the best arrangement for the welfare of the child is fulltime mom, working dad.

    We also need to stop stereotyping fathers as being incapable or less capable of child care than mothers. I can tell you from personal experience that this is not the case. That something is traditional does not mean it is best for children.
    It's a good indicator though!  I am not saying a father can't be a good stay at home dad.  I am not saying it should be discouraged.  I am saying nothing of the sort.  I am talking about what the ideal is.

    Ideally, the mother should raise the child with help and support from the father.  That's the model.

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