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  •  72-28 makes us look sillier (4.00)
    We're chumps that others would be glad to have in a poker game.  We'd ante up and call every bet up to the last round, and then fold if anybody raised.

    A no vote doesn't cost a thing, and is the right choice.  

    A yes vote for the sake of 'He's not as bad and uncooperative as he could be' strikes me as asking for more abuse in the future.

    •  poker analogy (none)
      A 72-28 vote here is like folding when the opponent has 4 aces. If you play smart, when you raise on the next hand he'll worry that you just might have what it takes to beat him.

      If you constantly raise to the end and then turn over the lowest hand on the table, nobody will take you seriously. You'll be out of money before you finish your first beer.

      •  Maybe poker is bad -- The deck is stacked (none)
        We'll never have 50+ votes in this administration.

        There's plenty of good reasons that the congress critters could point to if they want to vote 'NO', but the only one we have for 'yes' is to keep the powder dry for the next nominee.  That's a bad analogy too.  

        Political capital doesn't keep, you gain more by spending it boldly than acting as if you've lost.  Our idiot president has proved that over and over.

        If our Dems want to vote yes on Roberts, they need  to make a better case than, we're doomed, and I'll save my one opposition vote until next time.  

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