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  •  Nice try (4.00)
    But if not for Nader and his idiot supporters, Gore would have become president and there wouldn't have been any attack on 9/11 for the PNAC to take advantage of.

    But hey, you keep right on "teaching the Dems a lesson." The GOP puppetmasters will be drinking toasts to your good health on a regular basis. And the poor and minorities will bear the brunt of the suffering - but then, you don't care about that since you're not one of them, do you?

    •  Ralph (none)
      Actually I and mine are about one paycheck away from disaster, and growing up, I did a lot of flirting with the poverty line. I know what poverty looks like and I know the consequences of bad political choices. So take your clever assumptions and your self-righteous bullshit and stick 'em where the sun don't shine. You obsessive Nader haters and cult of the leader types really fucking give me the creeps.

      There are a million parties to blame for 2000 before Nader voters. Gore comes to mind, for failing to unite the base and conceding the election to these crooks. So does Clinton, with his base-bashing and DLC-loving, "Screw you -- who else are you gonna vote for?" attitude. And then there's Rove and all his minions (including a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court). But your type would rather focus your ire on a handful of people so frustrated with the Democratic Party's torpor that they voted for a protest candidate.

      "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." -Benjamin Franklin

      by Septic Tank on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 04:38:40 PM PDT

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