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  •  Today's GOP likely won't make a deal with us... (none)
    on this no matter what we do.

    We're ultimately going to have to either beat them on the parliamentary battlefield (by defeating the nuclear option), or take our case to the voters and take back the Senate.  Our strategy should be aimed at those ends, not at trying to convince Bush and the Republicans to compromise with us-- because "compromises" offered by Bush and today's Republicans generally turn out to be Trojan horses at best.

    I hope Bush does "nominate a lunatic wingnut to replace O'Connor", a lunatic wingnut with a paper trail, rather than a stealth quasi-moderate.  That will strengthen our hand in the fight over the nuclear option.  (Keep in mind that a successfully defended filibuster leaves O'Connor on the Court until a different replacement is nominated and confirmed.)  And if we lose the nuclear fight, we can go to the voters in Ohio, and Arizona, and Missouri, and Montana, and Virginia (on top of Pennsylvania and Rhode Island), and we can add changing the rules by fiat at the last minute to put a wingnut on the Supreme Court to the multitude of sins with which the GOP will be charged.  

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