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  •  Coward (none)
    He's a lily livered coward.  The DNC should enforce some goddamn discipline and shut funding to yellowbacks like this sorry excuse of a senator.
    •  Leahy is great.. (none)
      I think Leahy is one of the most honest and decent congressman. Leahy is a role model for what a representative of the people should be.

      I know people are dissatisfied, but I think the Leahy move is part of a larger strategy to extend an olive branch to the President. If the President were to pick Larry Thompson or Joy Clement a conservative that is tolerable than it is a good move.

      Furthermore, I think the Senate can still use the filibuster for an "extraordinary" nominee. If the President were to nominate an activist judge like Rogers-Brown, Owen or Luttig the Senate Democrats would be compelled to filibuster and we will help to push them to do the right thing for the country.

      Armando, I would not be concerned - the Dems are just trying to play nice in the sandbox, however if provoked the Dems still have all options on the table.

      The GOP moto: "rebuild Babylon while New Orleans drowns".

      by RichardG on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 07:32:33 PM PDT

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      •  But it <b>won't work</b> (none)
        Unfortunately, Bush has shown that his response to receiving an olive branch is to beat you with it.

        He has a record of breaking promises -- to anyone, Republicans as well as Democrats -- which is quite frighteningly consistent.  Extending an olive branch to him isn't gonna get you anything but trouble.

        Sure, Leahy's honorable, but he's being stupid.

        •  There is no nominee more extraordinary (none)
          And anyway, Roberts is a wackjob extremist.  He signed the Hamdan decision.  Have you read the Hamdan decision?
          •  Roberts is a good choice (none)
            You guys are crazy. Armando's comment that we know nothing about his juducial philosophy is ridiculous. I appreciate his work on this issue, but he's flat wrong on Roberts.

            Leahy did the right thing.

            If we get a Janice Rogers Brown, then we'll give Bush a polictalwar, and with his current numbers, he can't afford one.

            Gerardo Orlando

            by orlandoreport on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 09:16:11 PM PDT

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