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  •  Sadly, the true results will never be known (none)
    Don't you see the inherent contradiction in your own post?

    You admit they probably cheated, and a few paragraphs later you say we should "accept that we didn't win."  That is contradictory! We don't know if we won or not, cause there's a ton of evidence that suggests the votes weren't counted right.

    Anything other than hammering that point home over and over and over and over again is capitualation and merely giving them license to cheat again.

    It is possible to change minds about this.  Case in point: A bunch of guys I work with listen to Hannity on our communal lunch hour.  I made a point of correcting Hannity every time he claimed his side won the election, I debated the others calmly and with facts, and in the end I was able to bring them to admit that the election should've been invalidated and redone with hand counted ballots because there was more than enough evidence of fraud to place the outcome in doubt.

    The key is to not to clamor for overturning of the result- the key argument is that the vote needs to be redone because it is impossible to know the correct result.

    It's quite possible that in a paper vote Bush would still win. It's also possible I'll wake up tomorrow wed to Britney Spears.  I think the second scenario is more likely, though.

    Now granted, I believe quite firmly that we did win, and they cheated and changed the outcome. But their side has won the spin war on that, and advancing that argument gets you nowhere.

    The only solution I have is that if there is even a scintilla of fraud on either side, the election is invalidated, the people involved are barred from participating and the election is re-run.  But that will never fly in the apathetic U.S.

    Some days I wish I lived in the Ukraine, where a majority of the populace takes their democracy seriously.  And who understand that exit poll discrepancies are an almost certain sign of voter fraud..but that's another entry.

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