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    but they usually need to go where the universities already are. Actually, I am very much in favor of locating them where people can see them, and where the research is transparent. I think it is of utmost importance that er be upfront, honest, and genuinely working for the common good if we are going to be working with these bad bugs. Secrecy, and hiding these facilities, limiting access, etc. will only increase the possibility of our governnment supporting or not noticing unethical research. That scares me a lot more than somebody breaking in. Breaking in can be more easily controlled than bad ideas.
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      Although I think transparency would be difficult right now due to the social culture. There would have to be a level of trust by the people for it to work. I can't speak for anyone else, but personally I don't trust the government to have our ( or anyone's ) best interests in mind when it comes to superbugs. The individual scientist, yes, most of the time, but not the government.
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        It's my distrust of the government (and that puts me in the same camp as our founding fathers) that drives me to want transparency in all matters, BSL4 research and vote-counting being expecially near and dear.

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