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  •  I found the slide. (4.00)
    I guess I exaggerated a little with the 50 times, but you can still see how significant it is when compared to the 400,000 year cycle peaks!

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    •  NRO pays indirect compliment to Gore (none)
      This week, Bush-administration officials are meeting in Vienna to discuss a United Nations plan to globalize environmental regulation. Dubbed the "Strategic Approach to Global Management of Chemicals" or SAICM, the program is anything but strategic. ---

      If you read the documents published by SAICM negotiators, you might think you are reading Al Gore's 1992 book, Earth in the Balance, in which he proposed making the environment the "central organizing principle for civilization." In the chapter titled "A Global Marshall Plan," Gore outlines a utopian vision for a "Strategic Environment Initiative" through which world regulators could effectively "discourage and phase out" supposedly "inappropriate technologies and the same time develop and disseminate a new generation of environmentally benign substitutes."

      This sounds an awful lot like SAICM's "Global Action Plan." Among 288 "concrete measures" proposed in SAICM's plan are intentions to "restrict availability" of "highly toxic pesticides;" substitute "highly toxic pesticides;" "promote substitution of hazardous chemicals;" "regulate the availability, distribution and use of pesticides;" "halt the sale of and recall products" that pose "unacceptable risks;" "eliminate the use" of certain "hazardous chemicals;" and so on.

      Of cource, they then go on trashing the measures. But Gore was insightful, wasn't he?

    •  Such well-defined cycles- (none)
      Did someone say what was driving the cycles?
      Is it an ocean temperature/plankton thing?

      In Your Face From Outer Space

      by mike101 on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 06:07:25 PM PDT

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