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  •  Researching in good faith (none)
    This I have done. I have been quite transparent in my methods and interpretations, warts and all.

    Because this is what real science is -- collaboration.

    If self-nominated real scientists will not push the frontiers of knowledge, out of fear of professional scorn or public ridicule, then perhaps it is no small wonder that science has stalled, or become a place of little advances when great leaps are required.

    I do not take your criticisms personally.

    What I do find offensive is the presumption -- not necessarily yours, granted -- that only members of a specific subject expert clique have legimitacy to speak to certain subjects, and that lay commentary on and exploration of the big questions of the times is not only unwanted but unwarranted.

    I am curious and compelled to answer my own questions and do so openly.

    Once upon a time, that defined scientist.

    It's only Nero-esque if the city is burning. :)

    by cskendrick on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 08:17:30 PM PDT

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      1.  Collaboration sometimes occurs in science, but it has little to do with the scientific method.

      2.  I've never met a scientist who isn't trying to push forward the frontiers of knowledge.  Professional scorn and public ridicule doesn't really come into it.  You live and die by the ideas you create--and the data you accumulate to support them.

      3.  If you think science has "stalled," you are sadly mistaken.  Not even the Bush administration will stall science in the long run.  Great leaps are occurring all around you; often they are not appreciated as great leaps until much much later.

      4.  Although there is a respectable tradition of amateur scientists (which I hope continues or even expands), the fact remains that professional scientists make most of the advances.  BUT the infomation is for everybody.  At this point, I bow down to DarkSyde.  That dude rocks.

      Scientific and medical truth is not determined by majority vote.

      by YankInUK on Wed Sep 21, 2005 at 09:07:42 PM PDT

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