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View Diary: I am Utterly Non-Convinced that Voting for Roberts is a Bad Idea (37 comments)

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  •  what have they done.... (4.00)
    But what have they really DONE to appease the Christian right?  They made an obnoxious, expensive show over Terri Schiavo(sp?) that really didn't change anything.  They passed the partial birth abortion thing, but mostly it seems to be more talk and show than anything.

    I remember seeing a documentary on Bush I, prior to the '92 election, and it mentioned something about how many moderate republican politicians
    had "adopted" the abortion issue, to gain votes, but they really didn't buy into it.  That doesn't mean its harmless, but if their rhetoric isn't backed by firm conviction, that could make a difference.

    I have no doubt that Roberts, at least personally, opposes abortion.  But he did say that he would not allow his personal views to influence his decisions and he also said he respected (in so many words) established precedent.  He also said that he was not an idealogue.  Have there ever been any justices that made such statements in the confirmation process that turned out to blatant lies, based on the justice' performance on the court?

    If Roberts is truly a judge and not a politician or idealogue, I have to hope that we can take him at his word.

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