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    Development: The db changes should be trivial, not much more that a couple of additional fields in the user and diary tables. On the presentation layer, yes, the work would be non-trivial but not particularly challenging for a good coder.

    Local blogosphere: I gave some thought to that, and I think this would actually greatly speed up its growth rather than otherwise. Not localizing the front page 'stories' allows for two things: 1) it keeps the political identity and national coherence of the blog, 2) it means that this will never be a full replacement for actual local blogs.

    Community, like operating systems, has huge network effects and, like it or not, your blog has become the microsoft of blogs. The local diaries would allow local bloggers to quickly find a large local audience, establish street cred with them, and keep drawing traffic in -- sort of like getting a good placement in google.

    (By the way, since I went for a quick lunch only to find this diary long, long gone from the front page -- at some point I'll try to also write down some ideas I have for making the diary lists more effective, and less 'all-or-nothing'.)

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