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View Diary: Local- vs. issue-based communities (12 comments)

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  •  habits of participation, traffic flow (none)
    One more thought which was omitted when I only typed the short version of the justification for the proposal.

    The way the Internet works, issue-specific blogs grow more easily than location-specific blogs. Daily Kos is essentially one gigantic issue-specific blog, the issue being, to put it bluntly, Democratic partisanship.

    Some measure of localization on dkos would allow the community to start self-organizing around geographical location rather than around narrower issues, and create habits of local participation.

    By keeping the features reasonably limited, it would provide a jumping point to local blogs for an enormous amount of people.

    Basically, and again being blunt, the idea is to rig things in favor of local blogs rather than issue blogs (which start out with significant advantages due to the de-localized nature of the net).

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