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View Diary: ALERT! RITA to make landfall Saturday Morning (161 comments)

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  •  Rita takes out Bush WH Stagecraft, too.... (4.00)
    They are really looking amateurish.  Transparent.  This is the "Bush as strong leader" routine hitting snags and snafus.

    Notice Bush says "monitor the relationship between localand state government..." pointedly, this is about redressing Katrina foulups as the fault of local and state leaders of LA.

    Went he flew here on many of his "do overs" to try to look concerned and on the job, he snubbed Governor Blanco. This too is supposed be the WH "
    showing" people what happens to them when they disappoint Bush.  Well, Blanco said "WTF, you are snubbing me in my own backyard..."

    And messed up that photo op.

    Bush even snubbed NO first responders, cozying up to NY firefighters and such, as if to say 'NO sucks, bad, yuck, their fault, NY good"

    "For the Mardi Gras
    Neo-con domestic shock and awe.."--Rep. Major Owens

    by Cathy on Fri Sep 23, 2005 at 01:29:55 PM PDT

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    •  The usual spin isn't working (none)
      You have to love this headline -- Bush promises to stay out of the way! (thanks a lot) -- and the first paragraph of the story is perfect.

      The media is still awake.  We must keep prodding them lest they doze off again!

      •  Bush (none)
        The story goes on:

        "We will make sure that my entourage does not get in the way of people doing their job, which will be search and rescue immediately. Rest assured, I understand that we must not and will not interfere with the important work that will be going forward," Bush said.

        Wow, I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but damn, I miss the old Bush, as much as I hated him.   This new Bush, with his sniveling obsequiousness in his haste to repair his poll numbers, is just kinda repulsive.  Ew.

        Can't imagine what the diehard Freepers must think.

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