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View Diary: ALERT! RITA to make landfall Saturday Morning (161 comments)

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  •  still doesn't it seem early (none)
    to be hauling out the 'dogded the bullet' call?  A Reuters article this afternoon, "Rita Shift Means Less Damage", leads in with oil experts breathing a sigh of relief, and oil prices falling.  A quote in the article that frankly irritates me: "From what once was a super hurricane, this could turn into one of the biggest duds of all time," said Charles Notis at Freese-Notis Weather, a private weather forecasting firm."  Granted Rita is no longer a spectacular Cat 5, but it's still a big storm!  NO flooding, large storm surges still to come along the coast, collateral deaths from the evacuation, and the stress and discomfort of those stuck in Houston to ride out the storm ... no biggie it's a dud now!

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