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View Diary: ALERT! RITA to make landfall Saturday Morning (161 comments)

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  •  east side vs. west side of eye (none)
    The storm turns counter clockwise and so to be east of the eye means you are getting the full force of winds plus the storm's inertial movement (an added push of 10 to 12 MPH to the winds) .
    Also, you are getting the full force of the storm surge as the waves are boosted by the wind behind them.
    On the west side the storm is blowing away from shore ans also opposite the opp. the overall directional movement of the storm.

    Update:  Pressure seems to be holding and the eyewall seems to be well formed.
    This will be a full CAT 4 storm when it hits, and have CAT 5 effects.  Posters on Weatherunderground are comparing it to Andrew, which was also rated a CAT 4 at landfall, but later revised to a CAT 5 when the destruction was evident.

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