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  •  Socialist? WTF? (none)
    Social Liberal  (71% permissive)
    Economic Liberal  (15% permissive)

    But I think of myself as a moderate because I don't think anyone should be required to agree with me.

    •  problem with americans: cannot handle the TRUTH (none)
      Americans are so brainwashed since 50s
      (I guess you was brainwashed later), so they are
      afraid and ashamed
      to acknowledge the basic fact that if you are
      against capitalistic pigs and if you are for the
      people, then it is most likely you are a socialist
      DEMOCRAT is a misnomer for all these people who
      are afraid and brainwashed. There is no friken 3rd
      way in the WORLD: you either for the people or
      YOU ARE for the rich and corporate capitalists

      Can you handle the truth?

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