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  •  Very funny (none)
    A "test" and poll that omits the two categories that most people here fall into: progressives and liberals. That's it. The left is made up of Democrats and socialists, although I lean more to the commie pinko persuasion myself.

    Good thing no one's silly enough to fall for it.

    •  Misnomers (none)
      Democrat is a Misnomer, Progressive is nonsense
      and a Misnomer, Liberal is a Misnomer!
      You either pro-capitalist and therefore GOP
      or pro-GOP or you are a Socialist or close to it
      (most anti-GOP americans afraid to death to
      acknowledge who they are

      Many american voters sense that (some false in
      self-identifiicaion and seld-description of)
      Democrats, Progressives and Liberals are having
      an identity chrisis! And GOPs sense this weakness
      of Democrats TOO and will exploit it until
      Democrats will get out of the closet and will
      say who they are...

      Can you handle the truth?

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