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  •  Lawsond (none)
    "doesn't the united states have some responsibility for triggering this civil war?"
    Yes, absolutely, 100% responsibility. But American soldiers will never be able to "help the police rein in" this civil war. Our presence ignites violence. Sunnis see the Shias as traitors for working with us. And for God sakes, look at what just happened in Basra. The British Army attacked the Basra police station to free two of their own. This is not bringing the country closer to civility.
    I do not believe that the American and British forces can stop the violence in Iraq.
    •  so what next? (none)
      so what IS the u.s.'s responsibility?
      i honestly don't mean to denegrate anyone's efforts during the march this weekend, but what comes after the pullout, le deluge?
      certainly not "peace".

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