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  •  upon reflection... (none)
    thanks for replying.
    yes, upon reflection, my "where were you" statement was inflammatory and meant to needle...which i guess it did a bit.
    your response though is exactly the kind of dialogue i wish to GOD we were hearing more of instead of simple "get out now" or "peace now" slogans.
    and i get a bit caught up in semantics for which i am also sorry.
    but the term "peace" is thrown around willy nilly without any seeming understanding that there is none, and there may be less if the u.s. simply takes off.
    i don't have an answer either, god knows except to beg americans to never, never, ever do that again...invade a sovereign country without the approval of the u.n.
    it's really all the "WOA" can do.
    as always, your team has the ball.
    •  As a marcher in my town (none)
      I can say that the tone of our demonstration had a lot to do with holding our Administration accountable.  If I had a nickel for every "Support our Troops - Impeach Bush" sign I'd have enough money to join the GOP.

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