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View Diary: Why I hope Gore is our next President [update] (420 comments)

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    Gore/Feingold anyone?  I wouldn't mind seeing Tom Harken (sp?) on a ticket . . .

    Why is it that we liberal/dems can't seem to forgive our own candidates for being human?  It seems to me the repukes prop up whatever loser they have lined up, no matter how stupid or ridiculous or worthless or dangerous he is, and sell him to us.

    The dems on the other hand argue endlessly over our candidate, his or her voting record (must be identical with what we would have voted), whether he or she has the "Q" factor (we blame the repukes for this but it is WE who stress over who has the best speaking style or hair or non-Jewish sounding name or the right marital history or whatever - they just capitalize on it, so no matter who we put up there we need to be ready to smash down repuke attacks), etc.

    Gore didn't see Rove coming before most of us had a clue who he was, sue him.  Gore didn't think the inventing the internet thing would make much difference but somehow he should have been prescient?  The DNC abandoned Gore and we were not sophisticated enough here out on his info superhighway to counter the bullshit.  We still didn't have it together with the swiffies, but Kerry was really the one who needed to say something.  He failed, but with the knowledge of what happened to Gore AND the promise he wouldn't let it happen again.  

    Gore wasn't forewarned.  

    So we can endlessly whine about how Gore messed up freaking SIX years ago and ignore everything he's shown us since then.  Or we can consider the man he is now - honest, fiery, a standup guy, just a good, good man.  One of the few politicians who I wholly trust.  Dean being among the others.

    Now, once we pick [   ] as our candidate, let's stop nitpicking and get behind him or her, okay?  How about we never let this crap slip by.  How about we work with Howard Dean (without coordinating with the candidate's campaign) to deflect and deflate all of the repuke hot air?  How about we make a pact with our candidate that we are behind him or her, even if we disagree with that one vote, or that one friend, or that one statement s/he made a decade ago, or that one stupid fricking CD label bullshit his wife was involved in forever ago people, and that we won't let anyone smear him or her.

    That's our job.  Get a dem elected.  Even if it's not the dem of our dreams - it's like selecting an angel to replace satan and his minions.  We can't get Michael so we turn our backs?

    If Dean learned anything from this last go around it's that we don't need 10 people running for the dem nomination.  If three of them are running just to get planks on the dem platform, he can fricken meet with them and give them a hearing, and get their asses off the stage.  

    I'm all for Al.  Al was always my first choice.  

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