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View Diary: Why I hope Gore is our next President [update] (420 comments)

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  •  I am pretty sure he beat Nader (3.00)
    so I guess he knew what to do with Nader.  

    Liberal, Christian, Feminazi, Mom.

    by TeresaInPa on Sun Sep 25, 2005 at 07:03:41 PM PDT

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    •  Bush beat Nader, too... (none)
      But Nader didn't cost Bush the Presidency.

      what would joe rauh do?

      by nbutter on Sun Sep 25, 2005 at 09:40:05 PM PDT

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      •  that's because Nader was working for (none)
        a Bush victory.

        Liberal, Christian, Feminazi, Mom.

        by TeresaInPa on Sun Sep 25, 2005 at 09:58:15 PM PDT

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        •  With all due respect to your wonderful diary (none)
          Nader is, has been and will always be anti-corporate.  Therefore....

          Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.... Tao de Ching

          by MyName on Sun Sep 25, 2005 at 11:05:00 PM PDT

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          •  Though he attacked Gore because he (none)
            had already stated outright that for people to flock to his (Nader's) ideas, things would have to get worse before they could get better.

            Are things bad enough for you now, Nader?

            The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit. Somerset Maugham

            by verasoie on Sun Sep 25, 2005 at 11:15:58 PM PDT

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          •  So? (none)
            He still helped put the most pro corporate Pres. in history inoffice.  In the end, that will be his most enduring legacy.  Hope he's proud.
            •  Fuck Nader. (none)
              And Gore knew what to do with him. Beat him.
              He also knew what to do with Bush. Beat him.

              And he did not lose the debates. He lost to the media which always hated him far more than they hated Clinton let alone Bush. But noone can fight against the echo chamber. Noone. Nixon couldn't do it Bush Sr couldn't do it Gore couldn't do it and now Bush Jr cannot do it.
              The media is the superpower of politics in America, that's a fact of life. They create conventional wisdom and voters are so stupid they always buy the conventional wisdom no matter how untrue it is.

          •  Nader (none)
            is a willing tool of Bush and the worst of corporate America.  Few people have done more to help corporations and screw people over as Ralph Nader.  

            It takes a second to wreck it. It takes time to build.

            by lando on Mon Sep 26, 2005 at 08:35:30 AM PDT

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