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  •  The US lost when Al Gore lost the 2000 election (none)
    During the campaign for the 2000 election I went and read up on some of Al Gore's bills in the Congressional Record. I came away convinced that he was a very smart and pragmatic person committed to good governance and taking care of people. He would make a great president.

    I believe he understood that if he ran in the 2004 election, the media focus would be that it was a rematch of the 2000 election and even less on issues. His decision not to run was wise, his strength lies in issues and not in performing for the media circus. Thus, he would have been at an even greater disadvantage. People go to the circus to see the clowns, not the guy who runs the show right?

    If Al Gore were to run for president, he would have my vote, again. I worry though that he is far to smart to run again.

    An empty limosine pulled up and George W. Bush got out.

    by beerm on Sun Sep 25, 2005 at 07:16:21 PM PDT

    •   Al Gore's bills in the Congressional Record. (none)
      Can you tell me how many bills Gore sponsored or co-sponsored during his 16 years?

      I love that kind of research (most voters do not do it they are too lazy) but I'm not sure I've seen all of Gore's bills so I would like to know the exact number. Thanks.

      •  Al Gore' Bills (none)

        I used Thomas to look up his record. Thomas currently goes back to the 101st and 102nd congress covering his period as a senator. It doesn't go back to his record in the house. Thomas also contains entered statements as well as legislation, etc and I didn't separate them out. I just wanted to read some of his work to get a sense of the man.

        I did get 406 documents from the 101st congress and 467 documents from the 102nd congress by searching on Al Gore. You have to do it individually for each congress.

        One thing I was particularly interested in was finding out his level of involvement in the creation of the internet. Of course, Al Gore never had claimed to have "invented" the internet, he claimed to have taken the initiative in creating the internet ( relative to his legislative accomplishments) which was true. He was supported by Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn who were internet pioneers. He is also backed up by his legislative record by The High Performance Computing Act of 1991 which show a high level of involvement.

        Of course after reading these items it became apparent that Al Gore did deserve credit for his work on the internet and that george w. bush was lower than low.

        Other than the HPCA I just did some spot reading to see what kind of things Gore was involved in.

        An empty limosine pulled up and George W. Bush got out.

        by beerm on Mon Sep 26, 2005 at 09:29:14 AM PDT

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