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View Diary: Why I hope Gore is our next President [update] (420 comments)

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  •  Exactly. (none)
    Clinton had three big factors for his advantage:

    1. Horrible economy, record deficit

    2.Reps screwing up of their convention
    (remember how they booed moderates off the stage?)

    3.Perot attacking Bush for the same reasons Clinton did (economy,deficit)

    4.Negative coverage for Bush Sr (yes, remember that silly supermarket scanner story? It was like Love Story for Gore in 2000. And the watch? It was like the sigh for Gore.)

    Clinton wouldn't have become president without these 4 things for which he does not deserve credit.
    He was damn lucky that's for sure. Unlike Al Gore who while being Mr. Morality himself payed a price for Clinton's immorality. How ironic is that.

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