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  •  The diary is trivial (none)
    I think Gore is great too.  "He is dedicated to the environment... He is not afraid to criticize Bush or republican policy... He is a man of faith but a real one who believes that we should value diversity and strengthen all families... Yes while he is a brilliant policy wonk he is also very funny... He is visionary in matters of the environment and technology... He was right about Social Security... And he was right about about the war in Iraq."

    These are all pluses.  Al Gore is surely a good Democrat.  But most of these traits are true of many Kossaks.  You're gonna have to sell us why Al Gore would be a great candidate.  I think he has too much to overcome, having already run and lost.  We know the election was stolen, but you will have to convince middle America of that, and you will then have to convince them that this isn't about sour grapes.  Al Gore would not run against George Bush.  So you're gonna have to convince middle America that Al Gore really won the last election, this is not about sour grapes, and Al Gore has something to offer greater than his Republican opponent.  Meanwhile, the Republican has free range to maneuver.  He can say that Democrats want to withdraw and abandon the poor Iraqis who have come so far, and those who want a Democratic Iraq will be slaughtered, and all the Democrats really care about is revenge for 2000.  We're sunk.   Tell me again why Gore is a better candidate than Clark.

    •  This diary is trivial because it is not about (none)
      clark.  That's what I just read.

      Liberal, Christian, Feminazi, Mom.

      by TeresaInPa on Mon Sep 26, 2005 at 08:00:02 AM PDT

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    •  Where from the fucking hell do you get (none)
      that Gore would call for a withdrawal from Iraq?

      He never ever said that.

      So your entire theory is baseless.

      BTW the same "he wants to let the Iraqis" down would thrown against Clark as well if he supported
      a withdrawal.

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