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View Diary: Why I hope Gore is our next President [update] (420 comments)

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  •  Gore has grown (none)
    It's very visible that he's grown from the man he was in 2000. I suppose that losing an election to the worst guy possible, and having five years out of the spotlight to reflect on that fact, can change a guy.

    One thing that we definitely need is to field the best possible candidate. And by that I don't mean the most "electable" -- I mean the one who will do the best job once elected. Because our country is going to be in a world of trouble by 2008.

    So far, of the candidates out there, Gore and Clinton have the edge in experience IMHO. And that is going to be absolutely necessary because whoever is elected will have to hit the ground running. The first hundred days will mostly be spent assessing the damage done by the Bush administration, and kicking out as many unqualified Bush-appointed political hacks as possible. Screw this talk of "no dynasties"... I appreciate the sentiment, but it's like college football -- even if you'd rather be giving the freshmen a chance, sometimes you just have to field your seniors because you need their experience. We will need experience in 2008, no question about it.

    At the same time I would also like the Dems to field a candidate who will encourage a much-more-responsive federal government that is actually accountable to its citizens. One where people are told what is going on rather than given staged PR soundbites and having everything suppressed for "national security reasons". These days, national security DEMANDS an informed populace and an accountable government. Such a revolutionary shift will require big changes and won't happen overnight, but I really think we need to start moving in that direction or our republic is toast. I haven't decided who's best for that yet.  

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