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  •  What massive positives are you a talking about? (none)
    There were very little positives for someone who was Clinton's vice president. But there were massive negatives.
    •  Be Honest (none)
      I've mentioned the positives throughout this thread.
      Clinton 65% favorability.
      Boombing economy.

      Everybody talks about John Edwards' energy, intellect and charisma -- Bill Clinton

      by philgoblue on Mon Sep 26, 2005 at 08:43:23 AM PDT

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      •  Since when is peace (none)
        political capital in this country?
        War means political capital not peace.
        Just ask Bush about that. And it takes a lot of casualties before the public turns against the incumbent administration during a war.
        Just ask Nixon about that. Oops, actually  you can't ask him but sure you can study history. He was re-elected with a landslide in the middle of a bloody war -- despite that in 1968 he promised he would finish the war. But Nixon lost when he was running during during peacetime as Eisenhower's vice president. How could that be if your theory is true?

        And since when do vice presidents get credit for peace?
        There was peace under Reagan. His job approval in 1988 was above 60%. Still when voters were asked in early 1988 whom they would vote for Dukakis beat Bush by double-digit.
        The only reason why Bush Sr won because using the Willie Horton-case he managed to portray Dukakis as a far-left liberal. Otherwise he did not embrace Reagan and did not run on Reagan's record.
        So how can you explain that phenomenon if your theory that vice presidents who are running for president during peacetime have an automatic advantage?


        1.Since when do vice presidents get credit for the economy? Alan Greenspan, Bill Gates got the most credit not even Clinton let alone Gore.
        Bush Sr didn't got credit for the good economy under Reagan, either. Nixon didn't get credit for the good economy udner Eisenhower, either. How could that be if your theory is true?

        2.The economy and the stock market started down in March 2000? Do you think nobody noticed? It was no longer a booming economy but a slowing economy. Check out the economic data after March 2000.


        1.There is no historical evidence that people vote for a vice president just because the president has high job approval ratings. Nada. It doesn't work that way simply because the vice president IS NOT the president. Get it?

        2.While Clinton had high job rating he had very low personal approval ratings. Again, check out the exit polls and see it yourself.
        People didn't want a third-Clinton term. They wanted the policies but not the person because he was perceived as an immoral liar.
        After the election a CNN/Gallup poll asked: Are you happy that Clinton left office? Over 55% said yes.
        Another poll asked what people thought Clinton would be remembered in history for, the scandals or his achievments? More than 65% said the scandals.

        Why do you think Rove wanted to link Gore to Clinton so desperately? Why do you think Bush used "honor and dignity" as his main campaign theme? Because he knew when people thought Gore would be just like Clinton his poll numbers went down. When they saw Gore would be a fresh start his numbers went up.


        •  Clinton (none)
          I remember a quote from the Clinton years that was something like I wouldn't trust him with my daughter, but I do trust him with my job.  That is the essense of the split between job approval and personal approval ratings.  The last pre-election polling information regarding Clinton vs. Bush showed that Clinton ran well ahead of Gore and would have won.  

          It takes a second to wreck it. It takes time to build.

          by lando on Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 08:35:21 AM PDT

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      •  Stop lying. (none)
        2000 national exit polls:

        Do you approve or disapprove of the way Clinton is handling the Presidency?       
        57% Approve       
        40% Disapprove   

        Is your opinion of Bill Clinton as a person       

        37% Favorable   
        60% Unfavorable   

        Camprende? Just 37%. Not 65% as you say.
        These were the 2000 national exist polls you want to deny it's accuracy?
        You can defende Clinton as much as you want it will not change the facts.

        Do you want to see Clinton's numbers in red states or this is enough to convince you that you are dead wrong about Clinton's supposed 2000 popularity?

        Moreover, to discredit your stupid assumption, that because a president has high job approval ratings people will automatically vote for his vice president:
        only 77% of those who approved Clinton's job voted fore Gore. But 87% of those who disapproved Clinton's job performace voted for Bush. Can you explain that?

        Check it out:

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