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View Diary: Pat Tillman, GOP hero, OPPOSED the War (234 comments)

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  •  But ... (none)
    If Rummy had masterminded numerous terrorist attacks on Germany culminated by the hijacking of airliners [...] AND the U.S. refused to give him up [...] then yes... I might reasonably think it's fine for them to come start a war here.

    Hmm ... maybe it is sufficient if the US refuses to give up someone who has already been convicted of blowing up an airliner with 73 people aboard?

    Like Luis Posada Carilles, for example? Would that be enough to justify an invasion, according to your reasoning?

    •  Ah, yes (none)
      ..... in the middle of "quotes".  The crutch of context dodgers everywhere.  While this is definitely hypocrtical of the U.S., it is not morally equivalent to 9/11 etc.  As soon as you can show me how this guy blowing up a plane is the same as the WTC (twice), foiled plans of megadestruction, USS Cole, Embassy in Africa, a declaration of war, a call for the killing of civilians anywhere they are to be found, most importantly combined with the known assistance of a State, then I'll gladly agree that Cuba has just cause to attack us.  Yeah sure, intellectually objectively why not, but that doesn't mean I'll root for them.  I do live here you know.  It's funny that you answered a post about staw men with a straw man argument of ....quotes.

      Arrogance and stupidity: it's a winning combination.

      by MatthewBrown on Mon Sep 26, 2005 at 02:52:12 AM PDT

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    •  Probably... (none)
      I'm sure wars can and have been justified for less.

      But who ever tries is doing a diservice to their country in attacking the most powerfull superpower.  

      We still live in the real world and power politics (as much as it gals many who believe pointing out that something would be hyporcritical should NECCESARILY disuade a course of action).

      The different with those two cases is that the US has the position to wage its war and Cuba (I believe) doesn't.

      But those definitely can fighting actions.

      Of course, besides that, there are also dozens of other factors (inclduig the above mentioned 'will I survive if I hit back')

      Would it be justified for the US to strike Afghanistan given 9/11 and their support of the group? Yes.

      then again...

      would it be justified etc...if we sestroyed the world and/or our own people in the course of striking Afghnaistan:  Of course that wouldn't be justified.

      Its muddy here so I will stop.

      Put the lime in the coke!!

      by oyka1 on Mon Sep 26, 2005 at 03:59:38 PM PDT

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