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  •  What??? (4.00)
    You say Tora Bora was 'botched'?


    It went exactly as planned - the 'real' terrorists, if they were even there, were airlifted out and a bunch of patsies were sent to Gitmo.

    It was all a charade from Day 1.  If you think that Atta et al were trained in the caves of Afghanistan -  WTF?  There is volumous evidence that they were trained in The West (e.g., flight schools in Florida . . . .   why the hell aren't we hunting down Jeb and bombing the shit out of Tampa using your mentality?)

    •  Stop drinking Flavor-Aide! (4.00)
      You're ascribing way too much talent and perserverance to these people. BushCo is a bunch of sociopaths; they really can't plan or react well. They fly by the seat of their pants because deep thought has been discouraged in their group from Day 1. They're too stupid to have planned out 9/11. Conspiracy theories are very tempting, but they're just not true at that level.
      •  Exactly! (none)
        We're talking about trustafarians here.  I've seen them in action, and it's a pitiful sight to behold.  They don't shut their own doors, they don't drive their own cars, and God help them if you get them near a laundry machine.

        What they do have is shitloads of inherited wealth, which they use to get more wealth, usually through barely-legal (if not outright illegal) means and then make sure that the folks who'd provide oversight are either bought off or nonexistent.

        These are people who use a total lack of moral scruple as a way to compensate for being out of the habit of thinking.  They see only short-term issues -- that's why they gutted the CAFE standards in 1986, even though they knew Peak Oil was coming, just to keep the Texas refineries pumping at full capacity.  If the CAFE standards were intact, we wouldn't need to be importing any oil right now.

      •  Egad - where did that come from? (none)
        Where did I say BushCo planned out 9/11?

        Same type of fuzzy thinking that led to the Afgan invasion in the first place no doubt . . .

        My points - supported by extensive document (don't have time to look it up now) - were that

        1. there has never been any hard evidence that the perpetrators of 9-11 were trained in Afganistan

        2. the US military never had any intention of nabbing high level Al Qaeda operatives at Tora Bora (they cooperated with Pakistani intelligence to fly them out - that's per Seymour Hersch's New Yorker article The Getaway).

        3. Consequently, Tora Bora was not 'botched' - it was just an elaborate charade to make the Bush Administration appear to be kicking some ass - there never was intent to actually catch Osama (he's either to valuable as a boogeyman out there - witness his appearance late in the 2004 presidential campaign - or his Saudi relatives are still protecting him via their back channel Bush family connections).
    •  2 Does not equal 3, even for large values of 2 (none)
      Each of the facts leading up to your conclusion may be correct (I haven't fact checked),  but that they were air-lifted out with US blessings falls into the sort of theory that just doesn't cut with Occam's razor.

      The simple truth is that the Army was not able to get the job done in the time they had to prepeare,  leaving the CIA to prosecute most of the mission,  having to enlist the aid of notoriously unreliable Afghani warlords,  who let OBL escape because they had allegiences with him as former comrades in arms against the Soviets.

      I don't think we need to resort to grand conspiracy theories.  The US is perfectly capable of making enemies of former allies.



      From the Radical Center...

      by INFOHAZARD on Tue Sep 27, 2005 at 01:23:37 AM PDT

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