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View Diary: Pat Tillman, GOP hero, OPPOSED the War (234 comments)

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  •  You just don't get it. (none)
    "kinda like saying we should have bombed Wisconsin because Jeffrey Dahmer lived there"?


    The state of Wisconsin did not expressly decide to HARBOR Jeffrey Dahmer.

    The Taliban expressly harbored Bin Ladin and others in his organization, and specifically refused to give him up.  Don't you remember the whole runup to the Afghanistan war, in which we were telling the Taliban that if they didn't give up the terrorists (or at least assist us in finding and capturing them), we'd attack?

    There's debate on the issue, among progressives, about what was done right and what was done wrong in response to 9/11.  MOST progressives do believe that we should have attacked Afghanistan when the Taliban refused to assist us in tracking down Bin Ladin.  Most of us also think Bush et al did the job HORRIBLY, and aren't at all convinced that Afghanistan is significantly better off (or will be in the near future) due to the invasion.

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