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View Diary: Pat Tillman, GOP hero, OPPOSED the War (234 comments)

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  •  speaking of Manufacturing Consent - Help dKos!! (none)
    I'm very concerned that comments on this thread have been suppressed and effectively censored (not mine).

    Whether or not you agree with them, Trusted Users should please rate them Excellent (add a disclaiming comment if you need to) so they can be unHidden on the thread.

    texas dem, you and I had a civilized, public disagreement with no hint of censorship.

    Some people may think true progressives were against the Afghanistan attack.  Others may think all real progressives should favor it.  None should be censored here.

    Let's refuse to create phony consensus here by censoring honest debate.  People are (perhaps inadvertently) shitting in our precious dKos pool.  Please help correct it.

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