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View Diary: Homeless? Try Kansas? Part II - Wither goes Kansas, there goes the Democratic Party? (3 comments)

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    Look forward to more installments. Wasn't it Kansas that was the subject of a book on why red-staters have been voting the way they do? Let's hope demographics like what you've provided will help our Democratic candidates show people they've been voting against their own interests.

    Suggest you forward these diaries, with all the information you've painstakingly compiled, to the Dem groups, politicians, and candidates in each relevant state. Hopefully some will take these things to heart.

    There's so much great research being done by Kossacks that the party itself hasn't been doing, and although we know some Dem leaders and orgs have been utilizing it, let's hope many others will realize these are valuable resources as well.

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      One nice thing about unbossed is that it is being read by opinion makers, news outlets, and politicians in at least one red state - Colorado.

      Please feel free to comment there. Your ideas will get attention.


      unbossed investigative blogging

      by shirah on Mon Sep 26, 2005 at 07:52:53 AM PDT

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