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View Diary: 8 U.S. soldiers killed today - does anyone care anymore? (134 comments)

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    <<<<RAMSEY CLARK: The Nuremberg judgment calls the war of aggression the supreme international crime. It's the first crime against peace. There can be no war crime until there's war. It leads to all of the crimes against humanity. It is a supreme international crime. And George Bush's "Shock and Awe," a synonym for terrorism -- isn't it? "Shock and Awe" -- was a war of aggression. No rational person can believe that Iraq was any threat under any circumstances, even if it was developing weapons of mass destruction, to the United States of America. And we know it.</p>

    And the whole assault was built on deliberate lies, not misinformation, not poor intelligence. They knew damn well what they were doing. They wanted to do it, and they did it. And every moment of this invasion, which takes the lives of Iraqi people every day, is an illegal occupation. And we as Americans have the highest responsibility because we live here. This is our country. We love it. We want to take it back. We want to end militarism in this country and end aggression and en
    d the occupation in Iraq now! >>>>>

    When will the taxpayers get tired of paying for Bushco mistakes? Time for accountability..... Gore/Clark..Gore/Clinton..Gore/Cl.. ..flip/flop..flip/flop

    by mattes on Mon Sep 26, 2005 at 03:13:22 PM PDT

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