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View Diary: 8 U.S. soldiers killed today - does anyone care anymore? (134 comments)

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  •  I'm not the one putting them in that position (none)
    I would love it if it were up to us, or to me. :^)

    But in seeing the dynamic of the self-perpetuating nature of deploying an all-volunteer army overseas in support of a repeatedly-claimed 'noble cause', I just don't see how non-soldiers anymore can sway the last holdout chunk of the American populace that what our gov't is doing, is wrong.

    Now, if there were more balance in the House and Senate (i.e., more politically divided and therefore more representative of the population), perhaps that wouldn't be the case, and we wouldn't have to wait for thousands more dead. But as it is, the GOP stranglehold (and Democrat compliance) on gov't ensures, in my view, that much more death is what is necessary before anything changes. I am greatly saddened by that, but again, having pondered how else change could occur and having seen how utterly fruitless all the tremendous efforts heretofore to effect change have been, I don't see any other choice.

    •  Mea Culpa (none)
      I apologize for misinterpreting your comment.  I see your point.  In an all volunteer system, the volunteers probably do need to speak up.


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