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View Diary: House Races to Defend (with Ranking) (155 comments)

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  •  Neither (none)
    are particularly vulnerable as far as I can tell.  Etheridge occupies the low level spot on the list because his district went for Bush twice and because his winning percentage slipped from 66 to 62%, qualifying him under the criteria set out.  Miller has yet to hit 60%, winning 57% in 2002 and 59% in 2004.  The district is net Dem, but not by that much--it went Bush in 2000 and Kerry in '04.  These are both only vulnerable if Bush and the GOP turn the dynamics around 180 degrees.
    •  moderates in NC... (none)
      Etheridge has been around for ages, and seems well-loved, the best that I can tell.  Given the wackos they tend to be up against, a barely Dem district seems sufficient, especially given that they're incumbents.  I mean, the NC Republican party isn't all that great at finding moderates to run...

      So yes, I'm not too scared unless the Republicans find someone named Helms or the like to run against them.

      In the end, Miller, especially, is a testament to the state Democrats' redistricting powers.  Have you looked at the NC federal Congressional district map recently?

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