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  •  I'll second that. (none)
    Darlene was my Rep in SW Portland until I moved a few miles northeast 4 months ago, and she's a fighter.  She does amazingly well given that the district is net Repub, but that's because she draws her base from the 'burbs (West Linn, Lake Oswego) that lean against Dems but still to their local peeps.

    And Defazio is a shoo-in, you've got that right. I love the idea of him taking on Gordon Smith for the Senate in '08, that'll get me over my pipe dream of having Kitzhaber do it (former MD gov, wildly popular for non-Oregonians), even though I got him to say he'd think about it when I managed to corner him a year ago--- I just think he has very little interest in giving up Oregon living and heading to D.C., 'cause he would have creamed Smith in '02 if he'd had the heart to do it.

    The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit. Somerset Maugham

    by verasoie on Mon Sep 26, 2005 at 10:27:36 PM PDT

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    •  Former MD Governor (none)
      For those who don't know, that means he's a doctor (like Frist, only a good one without the dead cats), not that he used to be Gov. of Maryland.

      The Faz will need coaxing to go for the Senate. I was around when he tried it in 1995, and he got REALLY discouraged.  Ron Wyden is a friend of his, and the primary spun, totally out of his control, into an ugly fight that neither of them wanted, and that scarred them both.  

      The following year, the other seat--the one Smith eventually won--opened up and Bob Kerrey, in his infinite wisdom, swept over from DC and booted The Faz out of the way so that they could run a colorless millionaire nobody ever heard of, who proceeded to sit on his ass until his chances of victory got bored and went away.  

      After a couple of episodes like that, I don't blame Pete for being reluctant to risk his Congressional seniority any more.  He needs to know the party will actually back him.

      "Hit a man with a fish, and he'll have a headache for a day. Teach him to hit himself with a fish, and he'll have headaches all his life!"--Karl Rove

      by AdmiralNaismith on Tue Sep 27, 2005 at 08:46:58 AM PDT

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      •  I remember the (none)
        1996 disaster of the Kerrey Millionaires' Club.  They went 0 for 7 as I recall, a couple not even making it out of the primary.  The only one with any success was Mark Warner, who parlayed his near miss against John Warner into the governorship.  Of course, extra raspberries go to Tom Strickland, who managed to lose us the Colorado Senate seat in both 1996 AND 2002.

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