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View Diary: House Races to Defend (with Ranking) (155 comments)

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  •  NY-1 has been a swing district for years (none)
    This district although traditionally Republican, has a long history of ticket splitting. It began with the election of Otis Pike, a moderate Democrat who served for over 20 years.  He was succeeded by a moderate Republican whose name escapes me (he was the Town of Southold supervisor for a while -- any Long Islanders there who can help me out?) Then George Hochenbrucker (sp?) another moderate Democrat switched the district back for two terms.  Hochenbrucker was succeeded by Forbes who swept in on the early 90's GOP wave.  He got sick of drinking the Gingrich kool aid so he switched parties and lost the Democratic primary to an underfunded progressive (the local GOP was very helpful in sending out mass mailings asking the constituents to vote for the "real Democrat".  Why can't we be play  the same game against our Alexanders, Halls, Goodes and Deals?) Grucci was a loyal DeLay acolyte but only served two terms before Bishop upset him.  The district would be vulnerable in a good GOP year, but I don't see one coming.  

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