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View Diary: House Races to Defend (with Ranking) (155 comments)

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  •  It really doesn't matter (none)
    that much.  The Hispanic Democrats representing these seats are safe, barring a major scandal.  The only reason they are on this list is because of an unusually strong(for a Rethug) performance by W among Texas Hispanics.

    It is unlikely that a Rethug can win any of these districts against a Hispanic Democratic incumbent, which is why Tom Delay redistricted them as he did.

    •  I don't think... (none)
      Tom Delay redistricted those seats.  It was the Texas State Legislature, which comprises mostly of Republicans.  That's why the Texas Democratic State Legislators had to escape to states north (Oklahoma) and west (New Mexico) of the border, in order to avoid a quorum for voting for redistricting.  AKA:  Gerrymandering to the Republican's advantage.

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